Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Big Match Circus vs Bread

The best World Cup t-shirt you can hope to find, from our friends at Philosophy Football.

Translation: 'We have the circus, now we want the bread'

Brazil is the home of the beautiful game. A nation where football is treasured as the people's game. FIFA's model for the World Cup is the antithesis of such ideals, serving instead the interests of corporate power, multinational sponsors, corruption and nepotism.

Via friends at the campaign group The Latin America Bureau Philosophy Football found a wonderful placard Brazilian protesters against the corporatisation of the World Cup have been carrying, see the original design by Brazilian artist Isabela Rodrigues and adapted it for a very special World Cup T-shirt design. Wear it for the beautiful game that should always and forever be the people's game. The World Cup belongs to us, the fans, the world over, not FIFA or their big business buddies.

Available from Philosophy Football.