Thursday, January 31, 2013

An Open Invitation to Left-Wing Sports Fans

Inside Left is rapidly approaching its first birthday - and to mark the occasion I'm opening up the blog to anybody on the left who has something to say about sport. For a year I've tried to explore the way in which sport, politics and money come together. Now seems as good a time as any to put political differences to one side and strike a non-sectarian tone. Whatever our disagreements we are united by our passion for sport, and our opposition to the commodified, commercialised, corporatised sports of the Murdoch empire. Let's not be shy. Let's tell the world want we want. We want Rebel sports, street sport. Sport that breaks down people's fear of one another. Crisis sport. Now sport. Sport that knows who the real enemy is.

For the entire month of February Inside Left will run articles from people who are fed up with the racism and sexism in our beautiful game; who are raging at the prices of tickets, shirts and pay-per-view; who are sick and tired of watching sports being used as a political football. The next month is - in the words of the Inside Left marketing department - Guest-Post February. The fact that I have a shed-load of deadlines in the coming weeks is purely coincidental. Let's take this opportunity to turn a necessity into a long overdue virtue. Let's create a space where people on the left can discuss and debate sport, games and play. Sport may not be able to change the world but it's way too important to leave it to the back pages of the Daily Express and a pull-out supplement in the Sunday Sun.

Let's make the most of this opportunity. If you have something to say about sport, theoretical or hysterical, historical or political, then please get in touch. The subject matter is up to you, as is the length (although I typically post pieces between 600-2000 words). And there is no political line to be towed. That said anyone who combines condemnation of both capitalism and Manchester United will obviously receive preferential treatment. Whether you love sport or hate it, Inside Left wants to hear your ranting, raving voices. You can contact me via Socialists should have something to say about sport. If nothing else then, for goodness sake, won't you think of the children? And, if not that, then please, please, think of my blog stats.