Sunday, December 9, 2012

Adorno and the 'where were you when you were shite' theorem

Following my piece Sports Fans, Death Threats and Theodor Adorno, the good folks at Philosophy Football got in touch to see if I'd plug their new T-shirt in the run up to Christmas. Obviously I told them that, as a revolutionary socialist who stands in the tradition of Marx, Lenin and Trotsky, I baulk at the idea of using this blog as a piece of cheap advertising. "You might produce interesting casual wear for the discerning political sports fan, but capitalism is still capitalism, which is especially painful at this time of year, when the entire globe is encouraged to celebrate a festival of the commodity." They replied, "We'll throw in a free T-shirt." I said, "Done." And there you have it. What does it cost to buy my principes? About £22.99 plus p+p. Here's the blurb:
The self-styled sporting outfitters of intellectual distinction, aka Philosophy Football have a new pick for the T-shirted squad, joining their back four Theodor Adorno. Doyen of the Frankfirt School of defending, a natural choice for left back as he was sometimes left standing when other classes of players moved forward at greater speed than he was expecting. Somewhat one-dimensional in the tackle, nevertheless his eye for the ball was positively enlightening. But most of all Adorno was identified with the necessity to endure suffering on the road to glory, otherwise known as the 'where were you when you were shite' theorem. The Adorno Philosophy Football T-shirt is available from here.